Farewell…..for now

Can I just say wow! This UGST course was more than I expected. I honestly thought that this would be an easy A class, but it turns out that I actually had to put in a lot of hardwork. This course was very helpful because I now know how to handle assignments and how not to waste time. Starting college, I think I’m starting to figure out what kind of person I am. Before starting college I didn’t really have a lot of self confidence and I was very shy, but thanks to college I am starting to branch out more and thinking of every situation as a positive instead of a negative. This UGST class has also taught me how to go after what I want. If I want to learn more and better my future, I’m going to do it without letting my shyness affect me. The major that I’m thinking about doing is Converged Broadcast Media and I hope to be a News Anchor/ TV Host one day and thanks to UGST I’m going to make it happen.

I also can say that I’ve walked away with 23 new friends. These guys are amazing and its going to feel weird not seeing them all the time, but I know we can still hang out and become closer friends in the future. With that I bid you farewell and major success in your futures :)!!

What does spirituality mean to me

What does spirituality mean to me? That is a great question that I’m still trying to figure out myself. I know for a fact that it is important to me and I try to keep it a main priority in my life. Even though I do fall short sometimes, and trust me I do, I still ask for forgiveness from the Lord and I try to get passed some of the things that I’ve done. Even though I wasn’t in class today I know the guest speaker had some amazing things to say about faith and what it means to have faith.

Roadtrip Nation and Group Collaboration

There have been a lot of projects that I have been involved in this semester and they have all been a learning experience. In a group I usually am the one to follow out a task that has been given to me. I take instruction very well and am able to solve and sort out problems if there happen to be any.

I honestly enjoyed being apart of this RTN project. Not only did I get to explore the different aspects to a major, I also made some connections with some great people. I couldn’t have asked for a better RTN group. We were given a task and we followed through with it one hundred percent. We got all of our interviews done in one week and thats nothing that I would’ve expected. We communicate usually during class but we also have exchanged numbers so we can get together outside of class as well. My confidence in my team couldn’t be any stronger than it is now and I know we will all do well on this presentation.


When I think of diversity the first thought that comes to mind is different races and ethnicity groups coming together and bonding, no matter what the circumstances are. I believe that this way and is a good way to be. People should be open minded and willing to spend time with other races instead of just sticking to their “own kind.” I own the fact that I am a very diverse person. Color doesn’t matter to me the only thing that does matter is if they can get along with me and I can get along with them.

The cultural group that I identify with is African American. I am also a christian and I try to follow those values strategically. Outsiders looking in don’t really see who I am because they are so quick to judge. At first glance I’ve gotten that I’m stuck up because I don’t tend to talk to alot of people when I’m in new situations, but in reality I’m just shy. I also get called an “oreo” alot (your black on the outside and white on the inside). I really take offense to this because I’m not trying to act like something that I’m not, I’m just being me. I can’t help the things that I like, but people don’t seem to understand that. Also being a christian people think of me as being a hypocrite or a “jesus freak.”

Things that influence my personal opinions, viewpoints, or values are my elders that know the ways of the world and can show me right from wrong. Also I try to keep the Lord as one of my biggest influences and I try to stick to his plan instead of my own.

To be honest I have judged a book by its cover and I’ve also heard other people do the same. I’ve said things like “She’s a loner”, or “She’s self centered.” I don’t like it when others judge me so why should I judge others.

I would love to learn more about diversity by studying abroad. It would be interesting to see how other people from different backgrounds interact with each other. I also wouldn’t mind getting into some organizations here on campus and getting to experience what that is like :).

Did You Know….

After watching the DID YOU KNOW video, I was surprised and intrigued at the same time. There were so many different and interesting facts that I didn’t think could be calculated. For example, if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest behind China and India. Thats amazing to me knowing that almost all of the world is connected by Facebook. Also that a week’s worth of information in the New York Times contains more information than the average person, back in the 18th century, would receive in a lifetime. That is also amazing to me! I think alot of these concepts will impact my future major/career decisions. I think that with technology always changing, it will definitley affect where I plan to be ten years down the road. For example, having assignments that require me to think about all the possible outcomes and to solve problems are probably preparing me for things that don’t even exsist yet.

After watching this video, i’m very interested and want to know more about how our futures will be changed. Knowing that everything will change and how these changes will affect our kids, and their kids, and their kids is mind blowing and gets me thinking. If I were to get more information about these facts presented, I would ask someone who knows the facts, like a researcher who is devoted to learning about our futures and if I can’t come in contact with a researcher then good Google will be my aid :).

Response to Emotional Health Lesson….

After reading about Emotional Health, I came to realize that there is more to it than just stress and learning how to deal with it. When I looked through the presentation and thought long and hard about it, there are parts of my life that are not emotionally healthy. One example that relates to me the most is Social Anxiety. This is something that I’ve dealt with all my life and its getting better as I grow and continue to tell myself that no one cares what I’m doing every second of the day, but it is still something that I continue to struggle with.

Before reading this presentation I knew about stress and depression. Some of the changes that I can make in my life are to not worry about what others think about me, I just need to be myself. I also learned about some of the different symptoms that are involved with depression. I honestly thought that depression was only a mental thing, but it turns out that it can be quite painful. For example, persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems. Also it affects your eating habits.

Some techniques that I can incorporate in my life to reduce stress are to think positively and productively!! If I do those things, I know my days would be less stressful than they are (not to say that all my days are stressful, just some days :)). I can also take breaks when needed. When doing homework or studying I tend to go 100%, all the time, that I sometimes forget to eat. Taking breaks is important. A 15 minute break is not bad so I should use it.

Emotional health is just as important as physical health because they both need to be maintained. Your physical health is important because if your not feeling well, then you can’t get anything done. The same goes for emotional health. If it is not balanced, then nothing goes right.

Your relationships affect your emotional health because who you surround yourself with will be the person you will become. For example, if you hang around positive people, you will tend to act more positive and if you hang around negative people, you will tend to act more negative. Relationships are important so why not choose the right ones.

Overall this was a great presentation and I will definitley start thinking about my own emotional health as well as others.


A relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. When it comes to relationships there are different types. The types that we will be discussing are relationships between family, friends, and partners. Throughout this lesson we will discuss situations and the conflicts that happen in each type of relationship. So be prepared to reflect what you’ve learned and lets get started!

First type of relationship: Family

“The Family is one of natures’s masterpieces” – George Santayana

In this video we see the perfect example of Family conflict. Mother passes away which makes Marlin, the father, overly protective. This causes Nemo to rebel because he feels as though his father is not giving him enough freedom.

After being reunited with Marlin, Nemo realized why his father was protective of him andhe came to appreciate him more. From this experience came a new understanding for them.

Second type of situation: Friends

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow just walk beside me and be my friend.” – Albert Camus

This situation deals with setting aside differences in order to get the job done. In this clip, Quasi and Phoebus are on a mission to save Esmerelda. Phoebus is expecting Quasi to go against his master in order to save her, but Quasi feels the exact opposite which causes a conflict.

After Phoebus left, Quasi realized that he was right and that he should return the favor.

After they rescued Esmerelda, they realized that they shouldn’t let little things come in the way of their friendship.

Third type of situation: Romance

“Do I love you because you’re beautiful or are you beautiful because I love you?” -Richard Rodgers, Rodgers & Hammersteins Cinderella

In this scene, Cinderella and her Prince Charming meet for the first time and neither one knows each other’s background. So when she finds that he’s a prince she doesn’t want to continue talking to him because she’s feels that she is not worthy enough, given her situation of being a peasant. This complicates things.

After he found her shoe he was determined to find her. So he searched and searched until he found her and explained to her that he doesn’t care about her background, he cares about her.


From each of these stories, what was the overall outcome?

Which one can you relate to the most?

How would you handle these situations?

What have you learned throughout this lesson that can help better your own relationships?